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30 FOR 30: Football Favorites Countdown

Since football season is ONE month away I decided to do a countdown of one item a day that I LOVE about football! I am a SOONER at heart so many of my items show my love for the University of Oklahoma but most items can convert to other teams! First up you ask? LOCATION,… Continue reading 30 FOR 30: Football Favorites Countdown

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OOTD: Pop of Pink

          There is something about a classic white shirt and pencil skirt! It is one of my FAV combos!     I LOVE this peachy pink in the summer!     Tory Burch- Leopard Shoes [Similar] and [Similar] Necklace- [Similar] and [Similar] Skirt- [Similar] Ralph Lauren Shirt- [Slim Fit Rachel Shirt]… Continue reading OOTD: Pop of Pink

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Easy Edamame

I LOVE fast easy recipes and BONUS is if they are healthy.  Edamame is a favorite for us so if dinner maybe running late or we are just looking for a snack I can easily do the recipe below in under 5 minutes! 1 bag Frozen Edamame- I like Birds Eye. Olive Oil Crushed Red… Continue reading Easy Edamame

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Catching Up

Where has this summer gone?! I have been traveling the last 3 weeks so keeping up the blog has been a challenge! I have an OOTD post coming soon, a fun recipe post and maybe a little something special! I went to Indiana and Pennsylvania for work! Ate a HUGE Chicken Fried Steak... Not really… Continue reading Catching Up

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becoming a statistic

I think this blog is so important for people in our society today. We are so imaged based and it can really destroy a person. It takes a brave soul to talk about it and I think this piece really stands out! If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder visit: http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/find-help-support

casey lee walker

Everyone thinks “that can’t happen to me”, but how often do you become what you think is impossible? If the answer is once, twice, or three hundred times, it doesn’t matter, because you became part of the statistic.

Rewind a little over 10 years ago, I was in 4th grade. I knew what eating disorders were and I knew how troubling they were. I was part of conversations on the playground. I saw the picture diagrams and notes on “how to get skinny”. I heard about family members struggling. I saw disorders on the TV and in magazines. I said NO, NOT ME.

Fast forward about 4 years. I’m a youngster in high school now. I know girls who refuse to eat. I hear cafeteria conversations about whether a tooth brush or finger works best. The media attention with disorders has increased. It’s surrounds you every day. I said NO, NOT…

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{Current} Favorite Things

I don't really like change but lately I have gotten/tried/found some [new to me] things that I am loving. So I thought I would share! Lip Gloss-  This gives a great sheen and it also gives a cool tingly feeling... Perfect on these hot summer days. Workout Pants- These are comfy and reversible! Keep my legs… Continue reading {Current} Favorite Things

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Just Keep Swimming

  [Picture Credit] I am back in action with a work out/ eating better routine.  I posted about trying Barre Class a while back and really loved that workout.  However, I wanted to be able to try more classes with more schedule options so I decided to join my local YMCA. I tried Yoga Fusion the… Continue reading Just Keep Swimming