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Fawn Diaper Bag Dupe

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Ok y’all! I have wanted a more fashionable diaper bag for awhile now however, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something that gets all kinds of messy with kids stuff AND I tend to be pretty hard on my bags.  So I took to Amazon to find something and low and behold;d I found an AMAZING Fawn diaper bag dupe.

Fast and Easy Waysto Dress YourLittle Ones

This bag is WONDERFUL! I get tons of compliments and it is well made.  GUESS WHAT?!?!?!! It is only $45! Yes, you read that right.  A SUPER trendy diaper bag and it doesn’t really even look like a diaper bag.  I would totally carry this as a work bag!

This bag comes in four colors and I have linked the pictures below.  I hope y’all love this bag as much as I do!

What is your favorite diaper bag?

XOXO Gabbing Ginger


5 thoughts on “Fawn Diaper Bag Dupe”

    1. There actually is a cup holder pocket on the side and the inside has insulated ones! It’s also a light grey, we will see how bad I destroy it ha! ❤️

  1. Wow that bag is amazing!!! I love it and can’t believe it was only $45!! I’m always looking for a steal and that looks like it was one for sure ❤️❤️❤️

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