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The future of fitness?!

**Please note this post may contain affiliate links.
I’ve had a couple of opportunities to head over to check out the future of fitness at Optimal Force Fitness. 
Their technology is top notch and helps create a more efficient (AKA fast) workout for everyone’s busy schedules.
The first session takes a little longer since you have to get acclimated and set up in the computers but after that sessions are UNDER 30 minutes for a FULL BODY workout…. How amazing is that!?!? Check out all of their equipment! I love how it all adapts to different sized people! I am so short and have a lot of problems with standard gym equipment working with my body so this working out wonderfully!
Here are some of the other key features:
  • The ARX machine tracks your output each session, so you can compete against yourself and see how you improve over time.
  • “Magic Barbell” – The machine’s motor constantly adapts to the force you apply, so you are able to work at your MAX throughout the entire rep. In a traditional gym, you select the weight that you can handle in your weakest range of motion.
  • No Weights or Wait. – No guessing an appropriate weight. Nothing to move or set-up by yourself. and Training Sessions are by Appointment only.
  • Free Demo Sessions can be booked at optimalforce.co/schedule

This workout experience was seriously the coolest workout I have ever done. It was challenging to watch the screen and compete with my previous workouts, and it was crazy how after just a rep or two my muscles were feeling the challenge too! Below you can see a screen shot from the pull down machine comparison of multiple sessions and me trying out a leg press!

Shyanne was so helpful at explaining everything as we went.  This workout is so great from anyone to fitness junkies to those with joint and ligiment problems. I love being able to support a local family owned business and all while taking care of my postpartum body.

And y’all check this out for my readers only:

25% OFF your 1st Month
Also, 1st demo session is free!
They are also having an Open House Saturday, September 9th from 1-3pm. Check them out!
Have you tried ARX ?
XOXO Gabbing Ginger

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